Groupe URD - a think tank for humanitarian action

Founded in 1993, Groupe URD is an independent think tank that specialises in analysing practices and developing policies for the humanitarian sector. Our multi-disciplinary expertise, based on continual field visits to crisis and post-crisis contexts, provides us with insight into the functioning of the sector as a whole. We believe in sharing knowledge and collective learning, and we help aid actors to improve the quality of their programmes.

Our e-learning offer

Our e-learning products and services are designed by experts for aid sector professionals. They help you to acquire new knowledge, as well as new tools and methods through practical exercises.

Our multi-disciplinary team will accompany you and help you to put what you have learned into practice. The content of our courses is regularly updated with the latest information from the field.

Online workshops

Via exercises and case studies, you will work in a group to analyse information, identify solutions and collectively resolve problems. Thanks to our thematic expertise, the learner’s experience is enriched with the latest analyses and lessons from the sector. Activities are illustrated with real situations from the field.

Our e-facilitators provide personalised tutorials to each learner in order to help put new skills into practice. Our online workshops are designed and structured to optimise interaction between peers and to allow you to organise your time flexibly.

E-learning modules

Our e-learning modules are short learning sessions that aim to introduce basic notions and clarify the key concepts of our topics. These resources are accessible all the time and therefore can be consulted freely at your own rhythm.

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Visit our website for more information about all our activities and our face-to-face courses.

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