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This blog in French is produced by the Humanitarian Environment Network which is made up of NGOs who are concerned about reducing the environmental impact of humanitarian assistance.

Et si l’environnement comptait … (8 mins)

By: Groupe URD



This video in French aims to raise awareness about the environmental issues at stake in humanitarian action.

Resilience (21 mins)

By: François Grünewald


16 June 2015

This video in English explains where the concept of resilience comes from and how it can be applied to humanitarian action. It was produced by Groupe URD and CERAH, Geneva, as part of the blended-learning course, ‘Designing Strategies and Projects for Humanitarian Action’.

Guide de l'évaluation de l'action humanitaire

Evaluation of Humanitarian Action Guide, ALNAP

By: Cosgrave J., Buchanan-Smith M. & Warner, A.


5 July 2017

The Evaluation of Humanitarian Action Guide supports evaluation specialists and non-specialists in every stage of an evaluation, from initial decision to final dissemination.

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